Metro by T-Mobile

Metro Unboxes


Metro needed to create device videos that would stand out against a sea of unboxing videos. We created a striking minimalist aesthetic that elegantly showcased the devices. Bold colors, simple motion graphics, and authentic voice-over make this educational content anything but drab.


Director, Editor, Motion Graphics, Colorist

A n art directed shot of smartphones on a bright purple background.
A closeup shot of a smartphone.
A closeup of a smartphone with a stylus.
An art-directed shot of smartphones on a grey and black background.
A closeup shot of smartphones in a commercial.
A closeup shot of a smart phone camera.
A overhead shot of a mobile phone.
A man looks into a studio monitor as mobile phones are adjusted on the tabletop set.
A behind the scenes pohoto of commercial studio shoot. Props are painted bright purple and surrounded by a camera and many lights.
A behind-the-scenes photo of a commercial shoot in the studio. Many lights can be seen illuminating the tabletop.
A behind-the-scenes photo of a commercial studio shoot. A Sony Venice is mounted vertically to shoot top down on the table.
A behind the scenes photo of a tabletop studio commercial shoot.

Metro by T-Mobile

The Voice Society

Isaac Murray

Production Company
Southern Sky Films

Zach Bush
Kent Bishop
Ray Courtin

Director of Photography
Vincent Montsaint


Isaac Murray

Motion Graphics
Isaac Murray

Isaac Murray

Audio Post
Dallas Audio Post


RED Helium
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CC
DaVinci Resolve 12