Uber Presents


We worked with Uber to craft a series of videos featuring authentic stories about how driving with Uber helps people pursue their passions. Our experience directing docu-style content helped strike a fine balance between telling the authentic story and weaving in the brand messaging.


Director, Editor, Motion Graphics, Photographer, Colorist

A musician looks a t photos of famous people that have played at a bar in Austin, Texas.
An athlete looks off camera while practicing at the Dallas Cowboys practice stadium.
A man sitting in the bleachers of a football stadium.
A musician in a recording studio.
A musician leaning into a microphone.
A man points to a photo in the Dallas Cowboys training stadium as a group of kids look on.
A behind-the-scenes photo of a cinematographer filming a man sitting on bleachers.
A behind the scenes photo of a man being interviewed.
A behind-the-scenes photo of a man holding a cinema camera on an easy rig.

Original Photography

In addition to the video content, we also captured custom photography to add a layer of depth to social content supporting the main videos.

Instagram Stories

We utilized the custom photography, motion graphics, and footage to create branded Instagram Stories.


Uber Technologies

Nice Content

Isaac Murray

Production Company
Southern Sky Films

Zach Bush
Kent Bishop
Ray Courtin


Director of Photography
Andrew Hayjek

Isaac Murray

Motion Graphics
Isaac Murray

Isaac Murray

Audio Post
Dallas Audio Post


RED Helium
Atlas Anamorphics
Adobe Premiere CC
Adobe After Effects CC
DaVinci Resolve 12